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CVT is here now and forever!

A track system made in the USA, designed by model railroaders to provide the HO hobbyist with model track that matches the detail & quality of 21st. century rolling stock on the market today!

Central Valley "CVT" offers a full range of Mainline, Branch Line, Switch angles, and tie schedules never before available in any scale unless you constructed it yourself. That is what master model builder "Jack Parker" did to construct and deliver CVT to all HO modelers who would like to see track that matches their rolling stock. Using the "CVT" system, modelers can now enjoy the pride and self-accomplishment in owning museum quality model track! The "CVT" track system builds up much like the prototype and it's not any harder to put down than pre-fabbed "Flex" type track systems.

Modelers can enjoy these handy features designed into all "CVT" track products made in the USA by the master model builders at Central Valley Model Works.

HO Scale Code 70 - Code 83 CVT Ties

Stock No. Description Image Suggested Price
20006 CVT Sample pack of all 3 types  
20016 CVT 9' Mainline Sample 6 pack   $9.95
20026 CVT Branch Line Sample 6 pack   $9.95
20036 CVT 8'-6" Mainline Sample   $9.95
2001 CVT 9' Mainline Ties 50 pack   $47.95
2002 CVT 8' Branch Line Ties 50 pack   $47.95
2003 CVT 8'-6" Mainline Ties $49.95

N Scale Code 55 CVT Mainline Ties

3001-6 N Scale CVT Code 55 Curveable Mainline Ties 6 foot pack Code 55 N scale photo $9.95
3001 N Scale CVT Code 55 Curveable Mainline Ties 50 foot pack N-scale cvt $47.95

#2001, & 2001-6 Mainline Tie Strips | 2002, & 2002-6 Branch-Line Tie Strips.

CVT Image's


2003 Tie Image

The new 2003 8'- 6" HO scale CVT is designed with first-hand experience in HO scale track installation techniques accumulated for over 50 years, as well as countless suggestions offered by fellow craftsmen and model builders. Ideas and features from the first fiber tie strip to the latest, but not so new, molded ready-to-run flexible track systems have been examined. The best of all this is now available in the new 2003 8'- 6" CVT, plus volumes of new ideas which make the new 2003 8'- 6" HO scale CVT track system far superior to all other track systems offered today.


Photo Album of CVT products Photo Album of CVT products Photo Album of CVT products Photo Album of CVT products
Photo Album of CVT products Photo Album of CVT products Photo Album of CVT products Photo Album of CVT products
Photo Album of CVT products Photo Album of CVT products Photo Album of CVT products Photo Album of CVT products

Photo Album of CVT products
above image of 2001 & 2002 CVT finished

CVT Turnout, Mainline (2001), & Branch Line (2002) Tie Strips offer:

  1. Self-gauging molded tie-plate detail for code 83, & code 70, and some code 55 rail!
  2. Special "Half-Tie" at ends for gluing strips end-to-end for long smooth runs!
  3. Flexible connecting web at bottom of ties for realistic ballasting that allows surface wiring to slip under the rail foot for easy soldering and access which hides easily under ground cover and ballast!
  4. Alignment Sights to aid in following curves along a centerline created by the model!

CVT borrows from the old, we added some new and it's here now. Having read the saga (the "CVT Story") of my track laying on the old layout, consider these features:

  1. Ties are injection molded precisely equal in thickness from tie to tie. If the roadbed is accurate, the track will be! CVT is molded in brown high impact styrene so basic color is established. It can be easily painted and weathered before anything else!
  2. The ties are connected under one rail allowing true flexibility. This feature allows the ties to spread or "fan" evenly or compress evenly when curved. This configuration allows radii down to 6" or even 4" (attention traction folks) without losing gauge. Try that with flexible pre-fab track!
  3. Being styrene the ties can be drenched with water-based glues, paints and stains which can be wiped clean with no warping or shrinking!
  4. The ties are self-gauging with scale tie plate and simulated spike detail. If a gluing technique is used, simple weights can be used to hold the rails in place!
  5. The tie plate detail is designed for code 70 and code 83 rail sizes. With extra attention to gauging, code 55 can be used. Code 100 - sorry, but, we can recommend a large company in New Jersey who can help you!
  6. The 12" sections can be glued together to make continuous lengths. Long sections can be "rolled" out, pinned into proposed positions giving a preview of what the finished track is going to look like. This goes back to the old fiber tie strip days. We did a lot of that previewing while we were saving up for the rail.
  7. A sighting device is provided on a few ties spaced along each section that assists in aligning the track on a drawn centerline!
  8. The connecting web is at the BOTTOM of the ties so that it is covered with ballast or earth. When finished track is viewed from low or eye level, you can see UNDER the rails!
  9. Three distinct styles are provid a clear contrast representing mainline and branch line trackage. This effect is even stronger with the use of more than one size of rail. The branch line type (CVT #2002) should be popular with those who model period and traction themes. Most flexible track products represent neither branch line nor mainline, - they're just a compromise!
  10. CVT is economical, usually less than existing flexible pre-fab "flex" track.
  11. There is less rail waste (joining curves with flexible pre-fab requires cutting of the excess rail) with CVT, there is no wastage of tie material or rail!
  12. The final results exceed anything ever at any cost for realism for very little more, some say less, effort than so-called flexible pre-fab track offers. You also have your choice of rail size!
  13. No splitting, crushing, warping or shrinking of wood and fiber materials. Not a termite in a carload!

Prop 65 Warning WARNING:
The Polystyrene components of this product are known in the state
of California to cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm.
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